Tolomeo, iconic model since 30 years

After 30 years, this iconic model seduces us once again and overcomes being where we don’t expect it, with the elegance we know and its efficiency. Tolomeo Outdoor is supplied in Lampione (street lamp) and Paralume (lampshade): “hook”, standing lamp and suspension.

In the Lampione version, the light source is enclosed in a diffusion hood placed in a transparent plastic element IP65 that recalls the old street lamps that were used at the time of the oil lamps. The diffusion of light is fun and easy.

The Paralume version has a tint to adapt the street light to terraces or outdoor spaces with a more pronounced “Home” touch. This diffuser with a diameter of 50 cm, larger than the inside dimensions, has beautiful proportions in view of much larger and open outside spaces.

This diffuser is covered with Thuia fabric, white or basalt, made by Paola Lenti, a durable and washable plastic material that is comparable to natural material. All structural elements of the Tolomeo Outdoor range have been reinforced and consolidated to meet the highest requirements.

Michele De Lucchi reaffirms her confidence in Artemide because of her industrial and technological expertise, as well as her interest in the well-being of people and the care for a planet in ‘good health’.

Tolomeo is not yet ready to illuminate us with the same pleasure, the same impact. The famous family can now meet domestic and external, public and private needs, making it a complete range.