GOPLE Family is growing!

The Gople family keeps growing, with new versions dedicated to different lighting design languages!

A portable lamp that offers an impressive 32-hours of running time without mains electricity. Everyone can be the architect of light in their own space, wherever it may be. Every element is designed to guarantee excellent light quality with high efficiency and low energy consumption. Long running times unplugged go hand- in-hand with rapid recharging times.

The diffuser made in lightweight, durable plastic, is the central element of the project which combines with other elements to bring light into spaces, giving rise to four versions of Gople Outdoor. It can be positioned freely or hung anywhere using a climbing rope. It can be mounted on a pole, available intwo different heights.

The latest addition to the Gople family isGople Spot, which offers very highly professional performance within the soft geometries of its reduced-scale diffuser. The spotlight comes in two sizes, corresponding to different power and flux levels, each with multiple beam aperture angles. A dedicated trackallows the use of Gople Spot for the projection of both direct and indirect light. It can also house diffused light modules within it.