La Linea

LA LINEA rewarded! Associated with ARTEMIDE, Bjarke Ingels and his team have not only shaped a lamp, but have also developed a new way of designing lighting: a luminous band, soft and foldable that unfolds without interruption, without visible signs of joints. modules. Compatible App, suitable for any application in all weather and environmental conditions

GOPLE Family is growing!

GOPLE Family is growing! The Gople family keeps growing, with new versions dedicated to different lighting design languages! GOPLE PORTABLE A portable lamp that offers an impressive 32-hours of running time without mains electricity. Everyone can be the architect of light in their own space, wherever it may be. Every element is designed to guarantee excellent light quality with high efficiency and low energy […]


Tolomeo, iconic model since 30 years After 30 years, this iconic model seduces us once again and overcomes being where we don’t expect it, with the elegance we know and its efficiency. Tolomeo Outdoor is supplied in Lampione (street lamp) and Paralume (lampshade): “hook”, standing lamp and suspension. In the Lampione version, the light source […]

Bonta : new experience

Bontà, new experience This new portable lamp explores the connection between light, food and conviviality. Bontà interacts with objects on the table. A body made from white milk glass diffuses the light, creating a relaxed atmosphere, while the upper recess is home to a glass bowl designed to hold food for sharing. This can be […]